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Guides, Worksheets & Audio

  • Latin | Dwane's Awesome Latin Lists [PDF]
    $0.00 Latin | Dwane's Awesome Latin Lists [PDF]
    I have good news and bad news.   The good news is: This folder contains all of the Latin endings on four pages. The bad news is: This folder contains all of the Latin endings on four pages. It's overwhelming, but be...
  • Latin | Visual Latin 1 - Complete Downloads [PDF]
    $0.00 Latin | Visual Latin 1 - Complete Downloads [PDF]
    Includes all the accompanying PDFs to Visual Latin 1: Teacher's Guide Lessons 1-30 Worksheets Lessons 1-30 Quizzes Vocab Lists to Lesson 30 Dwane's Awesome Latin...
  • Henle & VIsual Latin
    $0.00 Latin | Visual Latin & Henle Latin Teaching Guide [PDF]
    Henle Latin is a rigorous Latin program that's been around for years; it was recently picked up by Classical Conversations as part of their weekly curriculum. We have a lot of respect for Henle, but recognize that it may...
  • Lingua Latina
    $0.00 Latin | Visual Latin & Lingua Latina Teaching Guide [PDF]
    Visual Latin owes a lot to Hans Oberg's unique, all-Latin textbook, Lingua Latina. Instead of starting with verb tenses and conjugations, Hans starts with everything else: nouns, pronouns, prepositions, etc. Visual Latin...
  • Latin | Cornelia - Read by Dwane Thomas [Audio]
    $15.00 $0.00 Latin | Cornelia - Read by Dwane Thomas [Audio]
    This is the first in a new series of audio books in Latin that provides students a fun new way to engage the language. Latin teacher Dwane Thomas reads the entire book of Cornelia one chapter at a time. What is...
  • Learning to Read in Latin
    $0.00 Latin Readers [eBook]
    One of the great things about Latin is that there are a lot of older Latin primers now in the public domain. We are in the process of sorting through their ranks to find some of the best and most useful for Visual Latin...
  • Christian Roman Mosaic
    $0.00 Lord's Prayer & Apostle's Creed in Latin [Audio]
    There is a long history of Christians worshipping God in Latin that goes back to the first century of the Christian church. We are providing both the Lord's Prayer (found in Matt. 6:9-13/Luke 11:2-4) and the Apostle's Creed...
  • Visual Latin Vocabulary
    $0.00 Visual Latin | Vocabulary Reference Sheets [PDF]
    Includes all the vocabulary for Visual Latin in alphabetical order for easy reference in translating Reading sections. (Format: PDF) Latin 1 and Latin 2 now completed!
  • Visual Latin Worksheets
    $0.00 Visual Latin | Worksheets
    What's Visual Latin? Learn more here This free download includes links to all the PDFs in the Visual Latin series.  You can download just those you need. Includes: Lessons 1 to 30 | Worksheets &...